– Perform or die ! Røros-Mexico

My participation to the Raramuri’s art festival Easter 2008 in Mexico is a performance. The themes for the performance are :
• Relation art-action with its surroundings.
• Relation of the artist with the world.
– The performance is one of serie belonging to the research by the name ÅÅÅ .
ÅÅÅ is being developped to be shared with other.
The actions : the artist invites other people for a slow walk between sun and earth at dawn, a current object reflecting the disapearing sunlight, balancing on one’s head. The performer places one’s own body under the weight of the object and stretches towards the sky through the force of gravity which pushes it torwards the round surface of the earth. The ritual should preferadly find place at dawn so that the warm colors created by the earth’s rotation at that particular moment can light the performer and the object specialy chosen for the occasion .