Building up  for ÅÅÅ, dive in the Univers – the Picture

DSC09543training for the performance, foto Leire Muños
DSC_0090Abdelkadir Tabit, foto A-BtffnDSC_0091

During her residense stay in Bilbao Arte is Agnès Btffn planing to strech the action further. She goes all the way concentrating on the meeting and inviting the other to perform together with her.

“… In 2004, when Agnès Btffn first took an interest in the balancing of objects on one’s head, the collaborative dimension of the project was much less important than it is today. The carrying of an object symbolized the carrying of things like “the others on the other side of the earth”, and it questioned the meaning of actions outside of their traditional contexts. The carrying of objects that was not an act of utility raised interesting questions about the feelings involved in the act itself. For Btffn and for the public, who were unused to seeing this type of action in our latitudes, this meant an increased awareness of gravity.

The relationship to the other, the one who “lives on the other face of the Earth” and the spectator, French or Norwegian, was not directly inclusive, but distant, imagined or observed.

The aesthetic dimension of Agnès Btffn’s project formed when an invitation was given to the public to wander with objects on their heads, as they did in Flørli, Norway during the summer 2007. But the artist’s ethic regarding communication is becoming clearer in Haugesund, where everyone is invited to the workshop to make the objects that will be carried, and where the public walks towards Hasseløy Bridge as a group … ”  from a text by Sylvain Berland