“The concept of “together” that grew in the Btffn project is also present in her choice of materials for her new project.
Here, the objects she makes to carry hold themselves together without glue or similar means. She creates, for example, more or less spherical shapes by knotting together sheets of newspaper or by plaiting plastic bags.
This technical choice expresses Btffn’s intention to manifest a harmonious solidarity of the project’s component materials, and to create an essential unity appropriate for each individual  and its component materials. Both simple and complex objects are logically organized in ways that seem to animate them with a unifying force. By constructing the object in this way, the artists seems to be using symbols to concretely manifest the gravitational force that binds and organizes the celestial bodies of the Universe.”     Sylvain Berland

The performances, the stunts :
I move around the exhibition space with my sculpture balancing on the head and invite others to join me in the walks. Sculptures made to the performances in Bilbao, Vevring, Haugesund, Trondheim, Stavanger, Stord, with participants and alone in Jarnac Fr., Stavanger, Røros…

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“Constantin Brâncuşi sat focus on the pedestals of his sculptures  by carving them. He invited the public to his studio to point out the impact he meant the sculptures, their base and the space around them had on each other.”