Making video performances as an artistic mean of observing earth movements

The project SECOND GLANCE has developped over time into making series of videos as performances to enable physical contact with earth movements. The main tools used are the video camera and the body as tripod. In order to be able to hold a shadow steady in the display of the camera, the person filming needs to move the camera being relaxed and focused at the same time. The videos under are different exercises in different places, ENJOY !

“Horizonset” in Al Quds – Jerusalem  

“Ogna march 6th, Norway” 

“Flørli, Norway”

“Røros mai 17th, Norway”.

“Femund, Norway”.

“Rivermove” Watch the river Hytt (Hytt elva) move under the Slegg bridge (Sleggbrua) of Røros, Norway. 

“VIROUNA” on the bridge of Jarnac France

The shadow of the building at An-Nahja university in Nablus Palestine

“Mountain move” in the Lysefjord Norway

One of the videos under,  shows the mountain moves in the steady frame. The photographer he stands in a boat passing the mountain. The mountain moves.  Wouldn’t it be the same as saying the sun sets? Both observations are wrong as the boat is moving and the earth is moving…. but still is it wrong ? and isn’t it the way we see it which counts ?

“Horizonrise” in the Tiergaten Berlin  Germany

The film shows the performance in Tiergarten in Berlin on saturday december 18. This film version lasts 1mn46 s. I switched on the rapid button in editing. The real speed of the action is 35 mn. Here on this version you can see a lot of different things moving at different speeds like my trembling body is the movement of my breathing as I lay in the white hammock stretched between the trees over the white snow. “As I lay on the hammock filming, the vision of the Andy Warhol film “Empire” came to me. Maybe I should not speed up my film and rather slow it down ? Anyway, I kind of stretch further on  the observation as  Warhol did with his film… He films the time changing slightly by the light darkning the picture with the steady shape of the Empire state building. I film the earth movement holding the camera, sitting in the hammock. In my video everything moves not because I make it move, but on the contrary, I hold the camera as steady my body is able to and then I am able to move the camera by holding it steady on the sun and in that way  catch the earth movements. The camera becomes a tool, an earth-movement-catcher. It also shows other movements, the people on it, the cars, my own breathing movements in the steady but hanging hammock, the trees passing in front of the sun.. “ For french speaking, a radio program on Radio France Internationale: C’est quoi le mouvement de la vie ?” interview avec  Albert Goldbeter by Caroline Lachowsky

By the river Charente in Jarnac France



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